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Welcome to the Donaldson Run Civic Association web site!

This site has been created to provide information about DRCA to our neighbors.  Located in Arlington, Virginia, the boundaries of the Donaldson Run Neighborhood can be seen on this map.  Demographic information about the Donaldson Run neighborhood can be found here​. A history of this area can be found here.

DRCA is an active civic association that is administered by elected volunteers.  DRCA is not affiliated with any political or religious organizations. Our goals are to:

  • Promote information sharing about issues affecting the neighborhood.

  • Provide leadership and advocacy about neighborhood interests

  • Preserve and enhance the assets of the neighborhood

  • Promote a sense of community


Membership:  If you live in the neighborhood, you can become a member of DRCA by paying dues which are $20 annually. Additional information regarding membership can be found here.

Keeping in touch with DRCA:

The best way to receive official communications about the neighborhood, is to sign up for the DRCA Email List.  If you live in the neighborhood, and especially if you are new to the neighborhood, you can sign up at

Other sources of information and discussion about the neighborhood include the Donaldson Run Civic Association's facebook group and the Donaldson Run nextdoor account. 

Please check back later for information regarding the next DRCA membership meeting.

The results of the Holiday Decorating Contest are in, and the winners can be seen here.

The Cherrydale Farmers Market is closed for the season and will reopen on April 20, 2024.


DRCA Advocacy-Recent DRCA Correspondence with Arlington County about topics of interest in the neighborhood:

Safety issues at Lorcom-Vacation near Hamm MS-February 27, 2024 letter to County Manager

Plan Langston Blvd- October 13,2023, letter to County Board and November 11, 2023, remarks to County Board.

Hamm MS Boundaries-September 11, 2023, letter to School Board Members

Lot coverage reform- August 11, 2023, document submitted to County Board

Forestry and Natural Resources Plan-June 28, 2023, letter to County Manager

Pickleball at Marcey Park-June 16, 2023, letter to Department of Parks and Recreation

Reagan National Airport-January 3, 2024 letter to US Senate Committees and June 12, 2023, letter to US Congressional members 

Deer Management-letter of February 22, 2023, to Dept of Parks and Recreation


President's Letter:

Bill Richardson (

January 2024

Congratulations to our third round of holiday decoration award winners, listed later in this newsletter, and many thanks to our judges for organizing and conducting the competition.  I had a chance during the holidays once again this year to drive around and see all of these creative displays, which added a special touch to the neighborhood.  As did the decoration of our DRCA signs by another of our members. 


I also want to congratulate our board member, Susan Cunningham, for moving on to bigger things as a County Board member.  Susan really knows our neighborhood and its concerns well, and deserves special thanks for her past service on our board and in representing the neighborhood during the design and construction of Hamm Middle School.  During her service, we have had the benefit of her keen analytical abilities in seeking solutions to issues affecting DRCA.  As her mother and daughter noted at her swearing in ceremony, Susan takes her cue in that regard from Frances Perkins, the first female U.S. cabinet secretary, appointed by FDR following his prior appointment of her as a leading expert on occupational safety during his tenure as Governor of New York.  Perkins was taught to “Go where no one else will go, do what no one else will do.”  Susan is well equipped to do just that.


Speaking of public service, DRCA continues to need volunteers in two areas.   Please let me know if either of these interests you.


First, we need to fill Susan’s position as a DRCA board member, as well as other anticipated vacancies.  Signing up for a two-year term on DRCA’s board requires little more than attendance at periodic board meetings, and volunteering to follow as many or as few projects or issues as time permits for you, including our periodic social events.  It is a great way to learn what is going on in or affecting our neighborhood, in real time.


Second, as previously noted, we are updating our 2000 Neighborhood Conservation Plan to reflect the  summary our board member Amanda Weaver has prepared of the over 200 responses you provided to our survey questionnaire last year concerning issues affecting CA.  This will enable us to document for County staff your latest views as they may affect County proposals that affect our neighborhood.  We need drafters to help us with this update, which we have divided into various sections of the current plan relating to such topics as County facilities in DRCA, neighborhood traffic, nearby parks and recreation areas, and the need for changes to sidewalks, curbs/gutters, street lights, and signage.  If you would like to help update one of these sections of the existing plan to reflect members’ current views, please let me know.    


I invite you all to hear from two important speakers at our next meeting, on Wednesday, February 21, again at Taylor School beginning with our social half-hour at 7:00 p.m.   The first will be Deputy Police Chief David Giroux.  A 28-year veteran of ACPD, David serves as the Commander of the Criminal Investigations Division and the Wellness and Safety Section.  He also is a national leader in addressing mental health issues for police officers.  David graduated from Emory University, and also holds a master’s degree from GW.  In light of what appears to be an increasing number of serious crimes reported in Arlington, we encourage you to ask David your questions about ACPD, the size of the force, and its priorities in addressing police issues. 


The second speaker at our February meeting will be newly elected County Board Member Maureen Coffey.   Maureen is a policy analyst on the early childhood policy team at the Center for American Progress, and served on Governor Northam’s Family and Children’s Trust, which addressed the prevention and treatment of family violence.  She has been an active member of the Clarendon-Courthouse Civic Association.  Maureen graduated from Oberlin College and holds a master’s degree in public policy from UVa.  Please come welcome and congratulate her, hear her perspectives, and ask her your questions about County Board issues.     

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