Welcome to the Donaldson Run Civic Association web site!

This site has been created to provide information about DRCA to our neighbors.  Located in Arlington, Virginia, the boundaries of the Donaldson Run Neighborhood can be seen on this map. 

DRCA is an active civic association that is engaged in community affairs. The organization is administered by elected volunteers.  DRCA is not affiliated with any political or religious organizations. Our goals are to:

  • Promote information sharing about issues affecting the neighborhood

  • Provide leadership and advocacy about neighborhood interests

  • Preserve and enhance the assets of the neighborhood

  • Promote a sense of community

Membership:  If you live in the neighborhood, you can become a member of DRCA by paying dues which are $15 annually.  The membership application can be found here.

DRCA Email List:

  If you live in the neighborhood and want to be kept up to date on the news, sign up for DRCA's Email List here.


NEWS-January 18, 2021

Links to recent information about the Tributary B stream restoration: 

Field Report December 2020

County Response to Field Report-January 2021

County web site for the project

NEWS-December 23, 2020

The results of the first DRCA holiday light contest are in, and the neighborhood ​is really decked out this year. Thanks to all who participated. You can see the winning entries here.

NEWS-December 7, 2020

DRCA has a new email service and will stop using yahoo groups effective December 13, 2020.  To sign up for the new email list, send an email to:  drca-group+subscribe@groups.io


NEWS-February 2, 2020

Read DRCA's letter to County Board about zoning ordinance issue (large tall houses, lot coverage, loss of trees etc.) here.


President's Letter

Bill Richardson


January 2021

I hope all of you had a happy holiday season.  Here’s hoping for an expedited and successful vaccination rollout, and the light at the end of the long pandemic tunnel.


Meanwhile, in the current environment, we have scheduled another virtual DRCA membership meeting through Microsoft Teams, which worked well for us in October.  Many thanks to Anne Wilson, my predecessor as president of DRCA, for setting up this virtual forum again.  The meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, February 10. 


Our featured speaker will be County Manager Mark Schwartz, who last spoke to us in May 2017.  This time, we have asked Mark to focus solely on one set of issues:  those we have raised with the County Board about enforcement and reform of the lot coverage, height, and setback provisions governing single-family home construction, which are contained in the County’s Zoning Ordinance.   Our meeting is a followup to our January 2020 letter to the Board on this subject, which is posted on our website at www.drca.org.  That letter reflected the concerns of many DRCA members that the current zoning regime has led to (1) deterioration in the quality of life expected from longtime residents in neighboring homes, (2) further destruction of our diminishing tree canopy, and (3) substantial increases in impervious surfaces and associated stormwater management problems, during a period of increased frequency and severity of storms.


I strongly encourage those of you who continue to be concerned about these issues to join our discussion with Mark, and to hear the perspective of County staff on them.   As with our October meeting, we will be sending you a link to attend the meeting.   Please take a look at instructions in this newsletter for how to download and use Teams to join the meeting.


While our focus will be on these Zoning Ordinance issues, we have also asked Mark to reserve some time at the end of our discussion to hear your suggestions and concerns about other topics as well.    


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