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DRCA Membership Meeting on October 4, 2023

On October 4 at 7:30, DRCA will meet to consider the draft of the County's, "Langston Blvd Area Plan".  This plan, which will eventually be presented to the County Board, proposes some significant changes to the design of the Langston Blvd corridor including the Lee Hts Shops and the Lyon Village shopping center.  The implications for building height, transportation, and infrastructure will impact those who use the stores and services along this corridor.  To understand the potential impacts, 2 speakers with differing viewpoints have been invited to present at this meeting: a representative from Arlingtonians for Our Sustainable Future (ASF) and the Langston Blvd Alliance (LBA).  

The meeting will be held at Taylor School.  A social half hour with refreshments starts at 7:00 and the agenda will begin at 7:30.

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