April 13, 2021:

DRCA polled its members to select the topic for the spring meeting, and the subject that garnered the most interest was the growing deer population in the neighborhood.  Steve Young and Bill Browning from Arlington Regional Master Naturalists and  Jordan Green from the Virginia Department of Wildlife will discuss the issue and respond to audience questions.

The virtual DRCA meeting will be on May 12 at 7:30.  

Details on Connecting to the meeting:

The weekend before the meeting, all Donaldson Run neighbors for whom DRCA has email addresses, will be sent a link to attend the meeting via Microsoft Teams.  To join the meeting, click on that link at any time after 7:15 pm on the night of the meeting.


To add or confirm an email address to the DRCA list, send an email to anne@drca.org .  If you do not receive the link to the meeting by February 8, send an email to anne@drca.org to get your email address added to the list.


Here is some information for those who may not be familiar with Teams meetings:

Teams can be used on most devices including laptops (Mac or Windows), iPads and other mobile devices. That being said, it works best in a Windows environment, but it works well on other devices.  When you receive the link to join the meeting, you can click on it at any time before the meeting to look at the process for using Teams.  If you are new to Teams meetings, you should go ahead and click on the link to set up the interface in advance of the meeting.  Depending on the device you are using, you may be given the option of downloading the app or accessing Teams through your web browser.  For a more robust experience, you will want to download the app in advance of the meeting.  There are some additional settings you can set including selecting a background.