DRCA Leadership

The leadership of the Donaldson Run Civic Association consists of an executive committee members who are elected for a two year term.  The following officers were elected in the spring of 2016:

President: Bill Richardson (bill@drca.org)

First Vice President: Mike Green (mike@drca.org)

Second Vice President: Deirdre Dessingue (deirdre@drca.org)

Secretary: Jean Fisher (jean@drca.org)

Treasurer: Maxine Nagel (maxine@drca.org)

Director: Charlie Henkin (charlie@drca.org)

Director: Liz Lord (liz@drca.org)

Director: John Seggerman (john@drca.org)

Director: Anne Wilson (anne@drca.org)​

Newsletter Editor: Mary Heston Cooper (mary@drca.org)

Email address for all officers: ec@drca.org

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